For this project, we worked with an organization called "My Sister's Place" which gives shelter to victims of domestic violence. The event was called "Women On The Line" and the exhibition was held at Stuart's Opera House in Nelsonville, OH with a live poetry reading from some of the authors. 
We chose poems from a selection of authors and were told to create a sculptural form as an interpretation of the poem. My sculpture translated the poem, "Love's Cell Phone" by Victor Depta into a form that I wanted to represent the father and son in the poem. The son, the jar, is so dependent on their father, the red sphere. The son is held to the father by string which if cut, the jar would fall and shatter. This idea of a fragile connection with yarn inspired my use of the frayed yarn in my final poster. We were paired with a classmate and needed to take the full juxtaposition into consideration throughout the process. We needed to decide on placement of certain text between the two of us such as the event's info box and a quote that flows across both.