Collective Show Statement:

Transparency refers to honesty and openness about who we are as designers, what we can offer the field, and an uninhibited look at our thoughts and ideas to the audience. The purpose of this exhibit is to showcase acquired ability with transparency as a mode of self-discovery. This approach exposes not only the end result of our work but the process. We are not obscured by our work but rather revealed and identified by it.

Transparency was shown April 7th to 11th, 2015 in Seigfred Gallery at Ohio University.

Our show used interactive elements to reveal secret messages in our artist statements, assimilating with the name and theme of our show. Red decoders could be used at the show to reveal a "fictonal" or rather bluntly truthful/sarcastic statement under a polished "non-fictional" statement

Non-Fictional Artist Statement

For as long as I can remember, music has played a big part in my life. I have always deeply connected with it whether I’m at a concert, listening while driving, writing a song, or playing guitar. I love the sense of community and the bond that exists between fans of musicians. Music can be somewhat of an escape or a sanctuary. I listen to music when I’m happy, sad, stressed, working, walking; I constantly have a song in my head. I want to bring to light the similarities between how I and so many others interact with music and how people find the same comforts in their faith and religion. There are many facets of music that seem to completely align with how people celebrate their faith. Faith and organized religion can give a person a sense of belonging, happiness, solace, comfort, and uplift them. I find transcendence when I experience music.

Fictional Artist statement

There is nothing Graphic about this project and most of it is stolen from the internet. Yeah I gave credit but who wants to be original, nothing beats appropration, right? Anyways, this collection of footage shows how people worship. Remember the Beatles? Remember Jesus? They are one in the same. People flocked to concert hall and churches alike to worship these ‘deites’ and sang their praise. People pray with their hands guitars and go to church concerts every Sunday Summer. We read His praise in the Bible lyrics and strive to include Him music in daily life. We are surrounded by His love MUSIC.